In a perfect world, people with disabilities would be afforded the same basic rights as everyone else.  They would be fully “included” in their communities and would not have to fight for their rights in their communities, in employment settings, at their school, or with their government.

The Arc of Allen County has always been an advocacy organization.  Our birth was completely about advocating for the rights of our sons and daughters who were recommended for institutional living and not even worthy of our memories.  Our first advocacy efforts were about proving that our children could live meaningful lives themselves, while simultaneously enriching the lives of everyone around them. homerun

Our advocacy first manifested itself in the development of programs, while we contemporaneously fought for the development of government programs to secure a future for those programs and our loved ones.

The Arc continues to be an advocacy organization.  Whether it is attending IEP meetings, meeting with legislators, or other local leaders, The Arc of Allen County stands up for the rights of citizens with disabilities.

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